Have you ever thought about 2,300 square meters of the historic peninsula for your meetings? Armada has five meeting rooms, a spectacular Terrace for those special occasions and a multi-purpose “Armada Salon”.

You can enjoy the Sea of Marmara and dock at our Ahırkapı Quay; the traditional offerings we present with street vendor carts; our rooms surrounded by the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) and the Islands; the “Guest Lounge” that visitors can use as a bar or rest area; our Terrace and our breakfast buffets… to spice up any of your productive meetings held in our multi-purpose meeting rooms.

• Flip Chart
• “BOSE” Professional Sound System and Video equipment
• Overhead projector
• Barcovision (for a fee)
• Screen (3×2)
• DVD Player
• TV
• Video
• Wireless Microphone
• Lapel Microphone
• Wireless Internet Connection (free of charge)
• Two computers and a “printer” in the “Business Center”

• Distance from City Center: Taksim 5 km
• Distance to Atatürk Airport: 17 km
• Distance to Sabiha Gökçen Airport: 55 km
• With the Ahırkapı Dock that opened in 2010, it is even easier to reach Armada with your private boat or sea taxi.

• Total Number of Rooms: 108
• Total Number of Beds: 216
• Standard Rooms: 60
• Superior Rooms: 40
• Deluxe Rooms: 8


During the meetings and organizations to be held at the Armada Hotel, the Armada Kitchen with authentic Istanbul tastes will also be at your service. The home made cookies and pastry, a sort of Turkish donut; “simit” and cheese are served along with the traditional coffee and tea during the breaks. The catering for coffee breaks are prepared and served through the mobile traditional street carts and generally takes place at the Fountain Cafe. For the meals you may choose the restaurants of “Armada Terrace” and/or “Armada Salon” according to seasonal conditions. The capacities of the eating facilities is given below:

Capacity Of Our Meeting Rooms

You can view the layout of the meeting rooms by clicking on the number of people.

Dimensions (m) HxLxW 3x20x10 3x21x8 3x9x7 3x7x5 3x6x4
195 m² 170 m² 60 m² 33 m² 15 m²
Classroom Layout 99 99 30 - -
Theater Layout 180 180 60 14 -
U Table Layout 50 60 22 14 10
Round Table Layout 140 120 - - -
Cocktail Layout 200 200 - - -


Our Banquet Facilities

“A la carte” Layout
Round Table Layout
Cocktail Layout
Armada Terrace 150 300 400
Indoor Terrace 100 150 200
Armada Salon -- 300 400


We meet, You meet, They meet at the Meeting Place for Istanbul Aficionados…

Ever wonder what our guests who organize their gatherings at Armada for purposes such as business communications, social responsibility, friendship, international events, and culture and art saying about their experiences?

- “At Armada, I feel like I am in my own home. On the breaks, I escape to the Fountain Café and watch the turtles. It is just like meditation. This place gives me peace…”

- “…Lunch at your Terrace, which is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus on one side and by Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque on the other, melts away the stress of the meeting…”

- “Your menu of home-cooked food is wonderful. It is like my mother’s cooking… And, I thought that the only place I would be able to eat the delicacies of Turkish home-cooked food was in my house…”

- “I realize how much I have missed the taste of the Turkish tea I have been looking for. Those responsible for the tea at your Fountain Café must really know the secret to brewing great tea. Our foreign guests absolutely love the herbal teas. Drinking Turkish coffee from decorative porcelain cups is another distinctive pleasure…”

- “When you offered sesame-covered bagels with cheese, mini pastries with cheese and cookies that only my grandmother would know the recipe for, it reminded me of the gatherings of traditional families that are a thing of the past…”

- “The fact that you have not forgotten modern technological equipment in your traditional environment makes our work much easier. It is simply marvelous to have wireless internet access in all of the salons and at the Fountain Café…”

- “Holding meetings this close to such a center of history is excellent for us, especially when we have foreign visitors. We make the breaks a bit longer and take them on historic tours. If there is no time for this, we take them up on the Terrace. They love getting both the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia in the same frame.”